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Keyword Searches That Bring People to My Blog

So, for fun, let’s look at the keyword searches that brought people to this blog for the last year.

  • “pinocchio villain”
  • “beetlejuice saturn”
  • “pinocchio villains”
  • “hot girl in wendy’s commercial”
  • “pinocchio bad guy”
  • “villain in pinocchio”
  • “lord of the rings faq”
  • “i hate rich people”
  • “tales from the darkside inside the closet”
  • “pinocchio antagonist”

There are five, count them, five variations on people searching for who the villain in Pinocchio is, leading them to my “Analyzing the Disney Villains” page about it. I don’t think they realize there really is no central antagonist, just a bunch of little ones. Why they need to know this, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s curiosity. Maybe they’re looking for information for an English paper.

Next is “beetlejuice saturn”. Again, an unanswerable question. This time the lore is simply not able to provide. As a novelist, my job is to ask the questions, not necessarily provide the answers. But hey, there may be a new Beetlejuice movie coming out in my lifetime. Maybe we’ll find out more.

“hot girl in wendy’s commercial” has been popular ever since I made the post. But that was in 2012, more than a decade ago. Why are people still searching for her? Is she in a new commercial I don’t know about? Is there a new hot Wendy’s girl? Am I misleading searchers by bringing them to an old meme? Hannah Rose Fierman deserves more credit.

I’m quite proud of my “lord of the rings faq“, even though it has the fewest impressions. I’m no LotR lore archivist, but I find the FAQs and videos written by the fanatics tend to be overcomplicated. I tried to write mine for the common man. Yes, I may be do some false equivocation with gods and angels, but you have to use existing precedents when you’re dealing with abstract concepts. Also, it was just fun to write.

“i hate rich people” was an attempt at click-baiting. Something I don’t do often, but in this case it was satisfying and fun. And I think the people coming to my blog are in agreement, even if the commenters apparently aren’t. I know I’m not alone, just look at the recent OceanGate submarine disaster to see how much sympathy people have for billionaires these days.

And I am fascinated by how many people come here via “tales from the darkside inside the closet” looking for my “Kindertrauma” page about it. Out of all the posts from that series, I wonder why this one gets the most hits and not some other lost media like “Flesh Eating Film Reels” or “Ghoulies”.

Image Searches
  • ursula little mermaid
  • ichabod crane
  • evil queen snow white
  • rich people
  • pinocchio villain
  • snow white evil queen
  • pinocchio villains
  • ursula
  • large marge
  • yzma

So eight out of ten of these are for Disney villains. Two are for Ursula, which might have been provoked by the recent Disney remake. Two others are for Snow White’s Evil Queen. Two more are again for the Pinocchio villains (which had some releases at the end of 2022). And the remaining two are for… Ichabod Crane and Yzma? Hm, don’t know what provoked that. Hope it’s not a Rule 34 thing.

And then finally we have an image search for “rich people” which is just the same search I did when I wrote the post. And Large Marge, who is just photogenic. I mean, can’t you tell?

Eric Juneau is a software engineer and novelist on his lunch breaks. In 2016, his first novel, Merm-8, was published by eTreasures. He lives in, was born in, and refuses to leave, Minnesota. You can find him talking about movies, video games, and Disney princesses at where he details his journey to become a capital A Author.

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