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Five Guys I Think Are Hot

I’m an equal-opportunity perv. I may point out females from time to time, from the super-attractive Morgan Smith Goodwin, the Wendy’s Girl and Tara Perry, to the super-talented like Lindsey Stirling and Lindsay Ellis.

I’m thirty years old and I’m pretty secure in my sexuality, so I have no compunctions about judging the attractiveness of certain men. And since I’m always commenting on girls I think are hot, here are the top five guys I think are hot.


The first time I saw him was when he popped back up as the new incarnation of the Doctor.

I’d just been getting used to Doctor Who, and was starting to get into Christopher Eccleston’s character, the semi-human who reminded me of a soccer hooligan and fought farting rubber aliens. Then after thirteen episodes, he decides to leave. “No”, I yell. “Why are you switching actors so suddenly?”  Then baldy disappears, and he’s replaced by this guy, who cuts a much less imposing figure. He’s got messy hair, shorter build, and gaunt face. With his quirky voice, he reminds me of Harry Potter. Plus in the subsequent episode–The Christmas Invasion–he’s in a coma for almost an hour, then Deus Ex Machina’s the ending.  Not a great first impression.

Then time goes on. The Doctor demonstrates his skills again and again. He burns in space. He tangles with the Cybermen and the Daleks (at the same time). He sees three companions leave–one gets blown into a portal through time, another of her own volition because he’s too dangerous to be around, and another because of his short-sightedness. He sees friends and partners die, including a woman he just met who will be his future salvation. The guy’s good, and the actor’s even better.

The adorkable accent doesn’t hurt. But David Tennant proves that he’s bright, humorous, and sharp. He’s capable of being sad when needed and happy when needed, all without a blink (don’t blink!). He’s confident and vulnerable at the same time. Oh yeah, he also fought Satan.

They guy’s just all around lovable. Like a British Michael J. Fox. You just want to hug him, or hear him read you a bedtime story.

Well, look at that…


Like everyone else, my first exposure to him was in Firefly, where he played the charming, witty, and honorable Captain Mal Reynolds. Aided by Joss Whedon and a top supporting cast, this guy rocketed to science fiction hearthrob lickety-split.

After Firefly prematurely eradicated, he went to Castle, and… well, he’s not really aged well. He seems a little puffy and fat in the face today. Nevertheless, he’s still tall and brawny. He’s funny and he exudes a aura of protectiveness and fatherliness. He doesn’t play by anyone’s rules, except his own, and not even those.


Come on, how can you not love this guy? First, he came from auspicious origins, being an awkward teenager and one of the most (undeservered) hated characters in the historic Star Trek franchise. Not easy to deal with, especially when you have to wear space-Cosby sweaters and look like this:

But now, he looks like this:

The guy just loves everything, you can’t help but be infected by his joy at simply living. I think at some point he made a decision to stop dwelling on the past, stop lingering on regrets.  He moved forward and decided to surround himself with good, interesting people. Good on him, mate. I can only to aspire to that achievement.

He could be your best friend, your brother, your uncle, and no matter what he’d be the coolest guy. Why? Because he’s not afraid to be himself. He’s not afraid to cut a vein or dance like a maniac when he’s happy. It’s sincerity. Sincerity is what makes the people stand up and take notice.

When my wife had her bridal shower, there was a party quiz about “Who would your husband go gay for?” She picked this guy, and she’d be right.


Can this count for my younger days man-crush? I think Michael J. Fox inherited the Dick Clark gene where he never seems to age. He played the lovable business-minded capitalist in Family Ties (during a time when I was too young to know what “yuppie” and “Reaganomics” meant), but my association will always be “Back to the Future” where he’s the young, approachable high schooler.

He’s so cool with his guitar and his girlfriend and his skateboard and his scientist friend who has a sports car that goes through time. How awesome would that life be? The guy’s pretty much the flawless young hero. And he’s not so stuck-up or “innocent” as contemporaries Luke Skywalker.

As you can tell, I sometimes have a hard time separating the character from the actor. But Michael J. Fox is still awesome in my book.


In high school, I really wanted this guy’s look. And this guy’s look is not so great. (Really, it should be Trent from Daria on here, but he’s not a man-crush, just a guy whose look I want to steal.) I had a receding hair line, fair skin, and chubby geek build.  He looked like I felt.  He’s got the brooding, machismo thing going down, with those soulful eyes, untamed hair. Now all we’ve got is the lyrically-impaired asshole from Train.

Pat Monahan from Train.  No comparison.

Seriously, this guy’s making top ten hits still and Bob Dylan’s son has faded to obscurity? No, not in my world. Not with bittersweet, self-reflective hits like “One Headlight” and “Sixth Avenue Heartache”. And as everyone knows, introspection is my thing. Just look at the video for “One Headlight” and how good he looks under those paper stars, those glowing lights.

It’s all the pain of Angel‘s David Boreanaz and without the debonair perfect good looks. Which is a positive, I’m just saying. Look at his pictures. He might hang with you all night. He might kill you. He might ignore you. Hey, I’m allowed to have one older/bad boy, aren’t I?

Eric Juneau is a software engineer and novelist on his lunch breaks. In 2016, his first novel, Merm-8, was published by eTreasures. He lives in, was born in, and refuses to leave, Minnesota. You can find him talking about movies, video games, and Disney princesses at where he details his journey to become a capital A Author.

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