Dumb Forum Posters

I’m just about done with this “I Should vs. I Want to” thread I’ve got going on SFFWorld.com.

For one thing, it still seems the users are so steeped in their “How dare you insult the classics by implying it’s may not be necessary to read them if you’re a writer.” There’s only one guy that’s arguing with me, and he’s always misinterpreting my response. I’m now arguing things that have nothing to do with my point just so that I won’t be written off as some n00b that’s pissing in the wind compared to Mr. 1,000 Posts who has no idea what I’m or he’s talking about. He’s talking about writing as if it’s something that you can just hole up in a room for, for 20 years, and then come out with Moby Dick.

The others are going off-topic about Henry Rollins and Dr. Strangelove. None of which help me by answering my question. They’re all talking to themselves, posting YouTube clips and inside-jokes, as if I wasn’t at the podium slamming my gavel down.

I say I’m done with the topic, but I’m probably going to keep arguing. It’s fun to argue, at least until we start running in circles.

Kaiju story is going well, although it’s changed starting point a few times, and I still don’t have an ending. It seems that all my stories either have really good endings and bad beginnings (usually the novels) or really good beginnings and bad endings (usually the short stories).

Next time – more video games, I promise.

Eric Juneau is a software engineer and novelist on his lunch breaks. In 2016, his first novel, Merm-8, was published by eTreasures. He lives in, was born in, and refuses to leave, Minnesota. You can find him talking about movies, video games, and Disney princesses at http://www.ericjuneaubooks.com where he details his journey to become a capital A Author.

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