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    Who Puts the Gun Down First?

    So in the wake of the election, there is this zeitgeist happening. Now that (hopefully) politics are returning to usual, how do we mend the divide that’s cleaved the country the past four years? The election wasn’t close, but it wasn’t a landslide either. Trump and the GOP still gained a resounding collection of votes. They gained a few seats in the house and didn’t lose the Senate majority. Nearly half the world looked at the past four years, the pandemic, the white supremacism, the economy, the crimes, the fascism, the impeachment, the children in cages, and said “yes, I’d like more of that“. It should be an easy moral…

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    Thoughts for the Day

    Look, this is real simple. Ask yourself. Are you better off today than you were four years ago? Are you less afraid than you were four years ago? Are your friends better off today than they were four years ago? Are you happier now than you were four years ago? The past is prologue. You predict the future by examining past trends. Republican or Democrat, it comes down to these simple questions. Look at where you’ve been. And use that to decide to keep on the same path or get off of it.

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    Follow the Leader

    I think I’ve figured out a universal truth. A lot of days I look at the polls and see, yay, Joe Biden’s ahead, but only by five or seven points. Never more than ten in any state. It’s always close. That means 45% of America is voting for Trump. 148 million Americans saw the past four years and want more. And it boggles my mind. What do they see in him? What do they like about him? Have they not been paying attention? Tax cuts for the rich, quid pro quo in Ukraine, impeachment, children in cages. Children in frickin’ cages. It should have stopped there. Twitter wars, name-calling, petty…

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    How Do You Convince Someone Not to Vote for Trump

    Allow me to get political for a second. I haven’t done so in over 900 posts, so I think I’m permitted one. And believe me, I don’t like to do this. I’m not politically minded. I don’t care much about politics or governmental elections. I care about policy, but the system to create that policy has succumbed to corruption – lobbying, partisanship, etc. When it comes to presidents, there are candidates I like and candidates I don’t. When George W. Bush was first elected, I was disappointed – the election was controversial to begin with, but also he was not very intelligent and didn’t understand consequences for his actions. He…