• What Do Most People Come Here For?

    So I thought you might be curious about what brings people to my blog. Well, I can tell you this, it’s not because of my books and not because of my writing. They seem to be here mostly for Disney stuff. In particular, they search for things like “villain in Pinocchio”, “bad guy in Pinocchio”, and “Pinocchio antagonist”. I think it might be because people aren’t sure who the bad guy is. For my Disney Villains blog feature, I just chose all four–Honest John & Gideon, Stromboli, the Coachman, and Monstro. Second place is that no one seems to know what that “limbo world” in Beetlejuice is. And I still…

  • psychic vampire

    Psychic Vampires

    Are psychic vampires a type of person that can drain you mentally or is it a vampire who has psychic powers (like telekinesis or mind-reading)?

  • elizabeth olsen scarlet witch action figure toy

    Soraya LeBlanc

    Here’s a character I made up for some Reddit thing that’s going nowhere. Name: Soraya LeBlancOccupation: a wizard, specializing in divination and transfigurationAge: forty, been in magic training since eighteenWhere: born in the south of France, in a rural area. She’s a big city girl like Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City”Motivation: obtaining wealth and luxury, but not through marriage if she can avoid it (unless that gets her to a goal — she’s interested in what’s hers, not what someone else owns)Tool of choice: Magic–using divination to predict the future to profit from the outcome or transfiguration to make things into more valuable things. Also uses her “milf-ness”…

  • question marks

    Random Thoughts

    Are the “It” from “It Follows” and “It” from “It” related? Asking for a friend. OMG, I think The Rescuers and the Rescue Rangers are somehow related. Maybe they’re like rival companies? The Rescue Aid Society is the big business and Rescue Rangers is the offshoot startup. I think I’ve got my next Disney crossover. What would happen if you ate the One Ring? Would it just pass through your system or could you digest it? I know stomach acid isn’t lava, but still, I don’t know what’s special about Mount Doom’s lava. Or would it just stay there? And would it make you invisible? You’re not wearing the ring…

  • ant play doh

    Thought Experiment

    If you put some play-doh in a jar, and then some ants along with it, the ants would shape the play-doh into their world. It would become their world. And over time, the ants would evolve, they’d become intelligent. And eventually they’d wonder where the play-doh came from. What it is, what made it, what was here before the play-doh, if anything. Ants don’t have any idea that there are humans around. They don’t know why some of them suddenly are crushed or burnt. Why their homes get destroyed. The same way they don’t know why rain comes down or why some ground is hard and some is soft. Humans…

  • funny unisex toilet wall alien

    Unisex Toilets

    I was thinking about North Carolina’s bathroom bill (see Wikipedia entry) and the total backlash against it, what with touring music acts and writers cancelling their trips, decreasing their own revenue to take a stand. Even states are turning their backs, like a metaphysical Klingon dishonoring ceremony. You can’t make a bathroom for everyone. First women needed a separate one, then for blacks (which was repealed, but they’re still around), then the disabled. In the future, I think we’ll go “fuck it” and all bathrooms will be unisex, like in Ally McBeal. (Once we’ve evolved past neanderthal issues like harassment and perversion). And in the future, some kid will ask…