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I Want a Vaccine Mandate

Every conservative redneck sign is always anti-mandate. The Supreme Court is anti-mandate. Dammit, I want a mandate. We have required vaccines for measles, smallpox, polio to go to school or be in the army or travel abroad. This isn’t a new thing.

Here’s what I see. I see the Democrats thinking we can cure the virus and we can get back to normal. We tamp down the virus to the point its either eliminated or rare. If only people would get the vaccine. If the vaccine is there the virus has nowhere to go. It dies out. Can it be done? I’m not sure, but it’s nice to be optimistic.

But Republicans seem to think this is something you have to live with now. “Freedom” is worth the cost of never knowing whether you need a mask or a vaccine card. It’s worth creepy empty stadiums and half of people wearing masks and half not, not sure if they’re anti-vaccine or very pro. Now we need to be paranoid about every little cough, we can’t gather anywhere, we can’t go anywhere. That’s what freedom’s all about.

Instead, let every person and state choose their own policy. Shift the responsibility onto other people’s shoulders so they avoid any blame. You can’t be blamed if you didn’t do anything. This is their attempt to make everyone happy and thus it makes nobody happy. (And I’m not even bringing up the hypocrisy or lack of accountability.)

It’s apparently their solution to the trolley problem — don’t touch the lever and let the five people get run over. At least you didn’t kill the one.

Here’s my question: how old does the vaccine have to be before you get it? How tested does it have to be? How much proof do you need? Because I don’t think you’d be satisfied with any proof, you Trump-headed dillweeds.

I want a mandate. I want people to be told they have to wear a mask because people need to be told what to do. That’s why 99% of us aren’t bosses and managers. I don’t care about “freedom”, not at the cost of normalcy. A pinch of freedom taken away is worth getting rid of Canadian trucker convoys and white supremacists and cops killing unarmed Black people.

But nothing can get done because everything’s divided down the middle. It’s not politics that’s driving the divider, it’s the affiliations. They want it, therefore I don’t want it. Because they are the “enemy”. It’s all about “fuck liberals”. That’s all. They don’t care about the conversation. They don’t care about details or facts or reports or logic. Just “fuck liberals.”

Until that position either kills enough of them or someone actually enforces some rules, nothing’s going to change. I wish the Democrats would either grow a spine or get some charismatic leadership that people want to get behind. There doesn’t seem to be any hope for change or normalcy until that happens.

Eric Juneau is a software engineer and novelist on his lunch breaks. In 2016, his first novel, Merm-8, was published by eTreasures. He lives in, was born in, and refuses to leave, Minnesota. You can find him talking about movies, video games, and Disney princesses at where he details his journey to become a capital A Author.

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  • Hideo Kotomishi

    Stumbled across this blog while trawling for pro-Mandate rage.

    Where do you live where things aren’t back to normal? I haven’t worn a mask in six months. Life here is 100 percent normal and only the most unhinged, die-hard maniacs are still wearing masks talking about vaccines.

    Might as well answer some of your questions. Let me inb4 some things: I’m not a fundementalist Christian, not conservative (lol imagine being caught choosing between two piles of shit), I’m not an uneducated hillbilly (if credentialism matters to you, I have degrees…from a college and everything!), I’m not unemployed (quite gainfully employed by a large company that will remain unnamed) and I’m not a Trump supporter (haven’t been since he revealed himself as a shill for the same old status quo nonsense). And I don’t have the vax. Never have, never will.

    The CDC’s own data has been walked back quietly, but even during the height of the hysteria in summer of 2020, the data, once sifted through, revealed that there was a baseline survivability rate of 93% across all age groups, increasing up to around 95 or 97 as the group became younger.

    I accessed this data in August of 2020 and I’m sure it’s been scrubbed or buried by now. What hasn’t been buried is plenty of information prior to 2020 questioning the efficacy of surgical masks. Even in October of 2021, the CDC itself wasn’t recommending their use in non-healthcare settings as it regarded influenza, which is transmitted in the exact same way as Covid.

    But none of this will convince you; you’re 100 percent bought in. I don’t hold that against you, even if I can’t understand it…or why someone worried about health would wish death on people who don’t do what he thinks they should do.

    All this to say, I’ve examined the data concerning fatality rate for Covid and I’ve seen the data concerning the non-zero chance of complications from Covid vaccines. One basic risk-reward calculation later and I’m not getting this vaccine. Neither will my children (though they have gotten every other scheduled vaccine and will continue to do so…did I mention I’m not what you’d call an anti-vaxxer?)

    If you’re vaccinated and you believe in its efficacy, if you wear a mask and believe in its efficacy, of what concern is my choice to you?

    It seems like what you’re basically advocating, to use a religious metaphor, is converting heathens to Christianity because you know what’s best for them and need to save them from their heresy.

    I thought that has mostly not been viewed very kindly by history, but maybe I’m mistaken.

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