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    In Which I Condemn Ariel to Misery

    Okay, so I am not a lawyer. But there’s this post by Shon Faye (@shonfaye) that’s gone viral. And I thought it’d be a fun experiment to see if I could argue the other side of it. So, yes, I’d be defending Ursula. 1. Ariel being a minor is subjective, and I disagree this makes the contract any more nullable. I would assume that there are no clearly established laws of consent in this medieval world, either on land or sea. But let’s say there are. Ariel’s still old enough to get married and be emancipated from her father. I would argue that if she’s old enough for that to…

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    Musa Publishing Shuts Down

    So Musa, where Merm-8 has been published, is shutting its doors.  They announced it via email to its authors today that, at the end of the month, all links will be pulled from buying sites and rights are reversed back to us. So in six short months I go from achieving my dream of being a published author back to the beginning.  I won’t have a book to show off and say “yes, I’m in the marketplace”.  I can’t point people to an Amazon page or promote on Twitter or anything.  I’ll be back to where I started. I don’t blame Musa at all for this.  No anger.  They’ve been…

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    The Book Club

    My wife is a member of a neighborhood book club. Which is not, as you might think, a thinly veiled excuse to drink wine and complain about their husbands. It is, however, mostly filled with snacks and conversations. Most of which aren’t relevant to the book. They’re usual fare isn’t usually book clubby books — books with heavy subjects but entertaining stories like The Help or The Fault in Our Stars.  This month, it was Merm-8. Hey, that’s my book. And to tell the truth, I’m disappointed in myself for not exploiting the opportunity as much as I could’ve/should’ve. For some reason, I just didn’t feel very writerly that day…

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    Bibliophilic Book Blog Reviews Merm-8

    Bibliophilic Book Blog did a review of Merm-8.  They were very complimentary about the characters progression through change and the action and intrigue (which is what I was aiming for.   Boss!) Take a look!

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    Looking for Mermaids

    When I started thinking about promotions for Merm-8 (now in fine stores and outlets).  I wanted to do a blog tour.  Basically, that means doing guest posts on various blogs.  I came up with a ton of good topics, but the places to put them seem to be as sparse as cuttlefish*. I thought there’d be more websites about mermaids.  There were when I was younger.  But when I Google, most of the results are for commercial sites that are for things named after mermaids, like models and hotels and cleaning products and… seafood restaurants. So I’m putting it out there.  If you can help me find some sites about…

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    Guest Post with Daniel Ausema

    For those who like cross-promotion, I did a guest post on Daniel Ausema’s blog about the lessons I learned from Black Hole Son and how I applied them to Merm-8.  Guess which one actually got published.