• I Can’t Talk About Rape, So This Entry Contains Nothing About It

    UPDATE: Please read this too. Jim C. Hines, who keeps getting more and more fascinating, has posted another entry about rape. He used to be a rape crisis counselor, so he knows a little better the reality of rape, rather than this collegiate newspaper. I can’t talk about it because one out of four women have been raped. If you haven’t been raped yourself, then that number is lower. If you have been raped, then that number is higher. So let’s say it all averages out to 1/4. That means either my mom, my sister, or my wife has been raped. If it’s my wife, I must have done it,…

  • superhero mash-up

    Heroes vs. Villains

    So here’s some thoughts that have been rolling around in my head. Last week at In-Law dinner, we started talking about Michael Jackson. My father-in-law starts ranting, as he often does, about how people could still be worshiping him when he’s a proven pedophile, a drug addict, and overall questionable person. He repeatedly brought up the example, as he often does, of what if you had a priest that was well-known for doing good deeds in the community, donating to charity, overall great guy who did so much, but he’s a pedophile. Of course, I didn’t argue with him then, because he’s one of those types of people who are…

  • Contradictions in Publishing are Delightful

    These are two quotes from John Scalzi. They’re paraphrased here, because I don’t feel like looking them up word for word now.“The Writer’s Market has about 4,000+ listings for agents, publishers, and magazines so you stand a reasonably good chance that someone out there wants to publish your stuff if you write at a decent level.”-Sometime in 2004“You can expect a 98% rejection rate, on a good day.”-One of his more famous writing advice entries, check the Best Ofs