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    How’s Replaneted Doing in the Queries?

    So this January, I signed up for QueryTracker Premium in the hopes that it would help me submit Replaneted (a.k.a. terraforming romance). I’ve probably doled out about $200-$250 on this book (query letter specifically) because I believed Replaneted was a good story. It was the best I had written so far and the most marketable. It had a strong voice, defined characters, an interesting setting, a plot full of heart and intrigue. So how did it go? It sucked. It sucked worse than any other submission blitz I’ve ever done. Not a single request for a complete manuscript or even a partial. Every rejection was a form letter. It was…

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    Query Letters Give Me Hemorrhoids

    I am having a serious problem with writing query letters. It’s not that I hate writing the query letter. It’s difficult, but nothing I can’t handle. If I can’t condense down my story to 250 words then I haven’t done a very good job of forming the story in the first place. At least not in a commercial way. What I hate is that I keep failing but with no knowledge as to what I got wrong. I get no feedback like “well, we weren’t interested because of this.” I never get anything like “the word count was too long for your genre”, “we’re not interested in science fiction romance…

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    Unfortunately, I haven’t had any ideas for a blog entry, so let’s just give an update. Replaneted third draft is done. I don’t anticipate a fourth draft, but the book is out to two beta readers right now (though they don’t know they’re beta readers). If they come back with something big, I’ll go back in. But right now there’s nothing I want to change about the book. So I’ve started writing my query letter and synopsis. And of course, they suck. I’m too damn close to the material to advertise it. I can’t tell what the big hooks are. As an exercise, I rewrote the 2 sentence summary of…

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    Terraforming Romance Draft 2 Complete

    I think finishing the spellcheck should count as finishing a draft. Even though I have to do the macros before I allow anyone to read it. Nonetheless, I feel comfortable declaring today as the day the door opens for Terraforming Romance (as opposed to writing with the door closed, as Stephen King says).

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    Finished Terraforming Romance

    Three weeks ago I finished my next try at getting published. Its project code is “Terraforming Romance”, but it has a title. I don’t want to reveal it yet because it’s too clever, but I didn’t think of it until about 90% through. Unfortunately, I don’t remember when I started this draft. After I finished “The Mudbow Sisters” but before I started “Naga Story”, I took a little break to do some writing exercises and fiddling around. I had three stories that I couldn’t decide which to make next, so I wrote the first 8,000 words of each to see which one felt right. That still didn’t help, so I…