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Status Again

And here’s where my status is again.

I got a rejection from Realms of Fantasy, earlier than expected. Next up is Weird Tales. After that, I don’t really know where I’m going to submit it, but I feel like now I should start looking at the smaller magazines, so I don’t waste my time (and stamps).

I’m still inputting revisions for Blood 2 into the main document. It’s taking forever, for many reasons. Mostly because I hate working on it. I’ve grown to hate the story because its so juvenile. The characters are whiny and plodding. The events I’ve grown accustomed to. The plot meanders, and I see so many loose threads, but it’s too late and too much effort to go back now. I’d have to restructure and rewrite the entire piece, and then it wouldn’t really be the same story. I got very little revising done over the time before I started my new job, because I wanted to finish Half-Life 2 (which I’ll be making a post about in the future). I’m not even looking to Black Hole Son, I’m looking more forward to the mermaid story. Once I get this revision done, I’m only going to do one more, to look for artifacts, and then I’m publishing it.

With the new job, I’m not sure how I’m going to write anymore. We only get 1/2 hour for lunch. I can’t spend an hour per day writing anymore. Plus I’m in a pod instead of a cubicle, so I can’t hide it very well. I don’t know where the conference rooms are anymore, but I think I can use the lunchroom. I have to talk with my supervisors about this whole deal, because if I can’t get an hour for lunch, then I can’t do errands even anymore.

I Gotstaget Payed

Ah, work, work, work. I’ve had a thorny problem this week (I’m a code debugger) that was preventing me from doing much writing this week. No pauses = no spare time to get writing done. Am I disappointed? A little. Do my skillz go down a little? A bit. But when it comes down to it, the job that feeds me and my family takes precedence over the job that I don’t, in fact, have. I’ve got to do the job that gets me paid, no matter what.