• Shadow of the Colossus wallpaper monster first

    Shadow of the Colossus: Quit Crying

    All right, this has no place in a writing blog, but I’m going to say it anyway, because maybe it’ll get me some hits. Quit your crying over Shadow of the Colossus. Seriously, get a tissue for your issues. Every video game writer in the world thinks this is Steel Magnolias for the PS2. You can’t read any article that refers to SotC without telling you how they filled the trash with Kleenex boxes as they plunged a sword between a giant minotaur’s eyes again and again. And why can’t every game be like this, it’s the pinnacle of story-telling. It’s just a video game, get over it. Here’s why…

  • Somedays You Don’t Want to Make a Post

    Not related to writing today, because we have been in a shitstorm of poor customer service these days. Cable, Internet, gutters, deck, construction, landscaping. You call and you call and either you wait on hold for an hour or no one calls you back. Fucking rude, I say. I don’t know what these people at their companies are doing, but I work too, and I can afford the time to call people back when they leave a message not more than a day later. And that’s the way it should be.

  • The Events

    I was thinking about human’s need to be social, even when their activities are primarily alone in nature. I mean humans will find a way to make any individual activity into a social event. For music, which can be listened to alone, there are concerts and dances. Anime and comic books have conventions. Computer guys have LAN parties and multi-player video games. Athletes have both competitive and non-competitive sports (like marathons and best ball golf). And books have author signings. And I guess you can go into a book store or coffee shop and have a pretentious conversation about the symbology of Faulkner and Hemingway. Just something I was thinking…