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    My Promotion on Hidden Gems Romance

    So today is the day the first promotion I ever bought goes up. If you’re reading this, you may have come here via such a thing. I bought a day on Hidden Gems Romance for Dwarves Can’t Climb Trees. This is the first promotion I ever bought, and it’s my attempt to start actual marketing for things I’ve written. Apparently sending messages in a bottle reaches a limited audience. Also, I can’t keep drinking all this Coke. But advertising is expensive, so I’m keeping conservative at first, seeing what works and what doesn’t. This is the first one because this is not so much advertising as review soliciting (cause man,…

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    Bibliophilic Book Blog Reviews Merm-8

    Bibliophilic Book Blog did a review of Merm-8.  They were very complimentary about the characters progression through change and the action and intrigue (which is what I was aiming for.   Boss!) Take a look!

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    Looking for Mermaids

    When I started thinking about promotions for Merm-8 (now in fine stores and outlets).  I wanted to do a blog tour.  Basically, that means doing guest posts on various blogs.  I came up with a ton of good topics, but the places to put them seem to be as sparse as cuttlefish*. I thought there’d be more websites about mermaids.  There were when I was younger.  But when I Google, most of the results are for commercial sites that are for things named after mermaids, like models and hotels and cleaning products and… seafood restaurants. So I’m putting it out there.  If you can help me find some sites about…