• Some YouTube Videos Worthy of Getting My Like

    The first video I ever liked (apparently) was Hannah Hart’s Pizza video from… let me check… ELEVEN YEARS AGO? We were all just babies back then. That’s like… 1997? I’m not sure why–I recall liking “Tacos” and “Grilled Cheese” better (“butter yo shit”). I bet I was drunk at the time. When I rewatched this, I realized Hannah Hart reminds me of my daughter, and I have no problem with that. I was in this anthology and the editor put together a book trailer for it. I love book trailers. Actually I love trailers in general. So if you like names, find mine at 2:09. This was just just a…

  • five nights at freddy's camera

    Five Nights Thoughts

    I was thinking how, for all its cult fame, I haven’t seen much Five Nights at Freddy’s cosplay.  Usually Dorkly and Kotaku are full of those features.  And the characters seem right up a costumer’s wheelhouse. Then I remembered the first game hasn’t even been out for a whole year yet.  It came out in August last year. Then I remembered convention season goes full swing in Summer. Then I became afraid.