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    The Centaur Bride is Published

    Hey, look, I have a new story in a magazine. And it’s a good one too. You. Yes, you. I’m looking at you, aren’t I. You can buy the August 2012 edition of Stupefying Stories and read “The Centaur Bride”. It’s available in Amazon Kindle version or NOOK version for the low, low price of $1.99. Tidy! Read all about how Kestrel, an outspoken stablegirl, who finds herself the bargaining chip of a weak-willed king and the savage centaurs lurking on the outskirts of the forest.  When the king reneges on the bargain, how will the centaurs respond when their bride is taken away?

  • A Comment

    “Are you sure your first name isn’t, Erica?” A comment made by someone critiqueing Centaur Story. Others called it man-hating, crass, vulgar, and inappropriate. Yeah, it’s going to be good.

  • Updates

    The submissions seem to be in a slump lately. No one’s responding, magzaines have response times that are too long. Agents are not responding with rejections, they’re just ignoring me. I know my story is good, intriguing. What do I have to do to my query letter to make it right? How can this letter get such a positive reaction, and mine’s trash? Tipper and Al Gore are getting divorced. Really? After 40 years of marriage you can’t work out the differences you have? And it’s not like any event preceded this. Al Gore didn’t have an affair, and Tipper wasn’t strung out on heroin and JD (although in my…